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Gourmet Pics with Gourmet Picks

Hi to all! Found a promo that may be relevant to Japanese and Korean series or J-POP and K-POP lovers. Oishi Gourmet Picks has a promo giving away cool prizes like Samsung Omnia Phone, Sony PS3 and an iPad to name a few. Join the Oishi Gourmet Picks --- Gourmet Pics with Gourmet Picks now!

Upload as many as you want! There will be different categories per week with the best-picked prizes: Most Exquisite Background, Most Exquisite Style, Most Dramatic Photo just to name a few. To upload, click on the "Upload photo entry" button below, attach the photo and key in your details. And voila! You are one step closer to winning an iPad, Samsung Omnia, PS3 and other exquisite prizes!

Join the Oishi Gourmet Picks Gourmet Pics Promo and be one of our weekly winners. You might even be lucky to become one of three Grand Prize winners!

Upload and Entry or Vote for your favorite entries


    The contest will run from 20 June 2010 - 7 September 2010.


    Give us your best shot! Flaunt your favorite flavor - How do you enjoy the exquisite taste of your favorite Oishi Gourmet Picks flavor? Show us by submitting a photo with your most exquisite interpretation of each theme: Classical for Sea Salt, Korean for Kimchi, and Japanese for Wasabi & Nori. Perhaps a photo inspired by the masters for Sea Salt? Or maybe a samurai-themed snapshot for Wasabi and Nori? How about a Koreanovela-like shot for Kimchi? The more creative, the better.


    The contest is open to Philippine residents aged 18 years old and above.


    1. Registration

      1. Register to submit contest entries through the Oishi Gourmet Picks website www.oishigourmetpicks.com/gourmet-pics-upload.php.

      2. Fill out the online registration form with the following required fields:
        1. First Name
        2. Last Name
        3. Birthdate
        4. Gender
        5. Valid Email address
        6. Valid Mobile Number
        7. Valid Mailing Address
        8. Title/ Caption of Photo Entry
        9. Description of the Photo Entry
        10. Flavor Choice: Natural Sea Salt, Kimchi or Wasabi & Nori

    2. Photo Uploading: Format, Size, Number of Allowed Entries, Deadline

      1. Photo entries must have any one of the Oishi Gourmet Picks packages - Wasabi & Nori, Kimchi or Natural Sea Salt and must be in digital jpeg format. Entries must not exceed 2MB.
      2. Participants may submit more than one (1) entry provided that the images don't look similar.
      3. Entries may have 1-4 people in one photo entry provided that the participant is included in the photo.
      4. Last day of submission of photo entries is 12 noon of 27 August 2010.

    3. Photo Entry Approval

      1. Gourmet Picks reserves the right to reject images that are obscene, inappropriate and does not conform to the rules and regulations of the contest mechanics. Gourmet Pics Panel's decision is final.
      2. All qualified entries will be uploaded within 24 hours upon submission.
      3. Participants may choose to open an account in Facebook and "LIKE" the Oishi Gourmet Picks Fan Page to be updated with the announcement of bi-monthly winners or may share the Oishi Gourmet Picks promo via their profile to invite friends to join the promo or vote for their photo entries.

  5. PRIZES: Categories, Criteria for Judging, Prize Items, Schedule of Announcement

    1. Special Category Prizes

      1. There will be ten (10) special category prizes that will be announced starting 6 July until 31 August. Two (2) special category prizes will be given every two weeks, as on the list below:
        Special Category Prize Announcement of Winner
        Most Cutie Pose ODM watch 6 July 2010
        Most Exquisite Pout The Face Shop Package
        Most Dramatic Photo Two (2) Upper Box Tickets to Cats Now & Forever 20 July 2010
        Most Colorful Outfit Suyen GC worth P5,000 in Celio/ Aldo/ Charles and Keith
        Most Exquisite Background Overnight at Sofitel Hotel 3 August 2010
        Most Exquisite Style Style Package from Studio Fix worth P5,000
        Most Yummy Product Consumption Dinner Buffet for four (4) at Spiral, Sofitel 17 August 2010
        Most Funny Portrait Hobbes & Landes GC worth P5,000
        Most Accurate Costume Design

        Fully Booked GC worth P5,000

        31 August 2010
        Visitor's Choice [highest number of votes
        (see section VI)]
        Aromatherapy Massage for Two (2) at Mandarin Oriental

      2. The special category prizes will be announced every Tuesday on Gourmet Picks website as well as on the Gourmet Picks Facebook Fan Page.

      3. Criteria for judging the Special Category Prizes will be as follows:
        a. Creativity 50%
        b. Originality 30%
        c. Relevance to the category 20%

      4. Contestants can only win once in the Special Category Prizes.

    2. Grand Prizes:

      1. All entries, including the Special Category Prize winners, will be reviewed and judged by the Oishi Gourmet Picks panel for the Grand Prizes according to the following criteria:
        a. Creativity 50%
        b. Originality 30%
        c. Relevance to the Flavor 10%
        d. Voting (see section VI) 10%

      2. One entry that best represents each Gourmet Picks variant - Wasabi & Nori - Japan; Kimchi - Korea; Natural Sea Salt - Classical - will be chosen and awarded as Grand Prize Winners.

      3. Grand Prize winners shall receive the following:
        Category Prize
        Best in Wasabi PS3
        Best in Kimchi Samsung Omnia HD i8910
        Best in Sea Salt Apple iPad 16GB

      4. Winners of the Three (3) Grand Prizes will be announced on www.oishigourmetpicks.com and Gourmet Picks Facebook Fan Page by 7 September 2010
Do check it out and upload your entries today. The next Special Categories to be judged are: The Most Yummy Product Consumption and Most Funny Portrait! Prizes up for grabs are: Dinner for Four (4) at Spiral Restaurant in Sofitel Philippine Plaza Hotel and a P5,000 Shopping Spree at Hobbes and Landes respectively.

Happy Holidays

Just want to greet everyone MERRY CHRISTMAS! Hope that you all enjoy the holidays! Peace! =)

NEWS Pacific DVD

Got my NewS Pacific DVD from HK! Weeeee!!! I will surely scan and post my favorite photo in the booklet this weekend. I watched it the other night and it really was a fun concert to watch! JE really knows how to maximize the use of Tokyo Dome by creating impressive stage platforms and having those moving things which carries the members from one place to the other in such great speed! Hope the people who has seen the concert enjoyed it as well. =)

Thank you

my first post is a thank you post. thank you to JE for having such great groups like SMAP, TxT, Kanjani8, Arashi, V6, Tokio, Kinki Kids and of course NEWS! the first time i was exposed to JE was watching Long Vacation with Takuya Kimura in it. i instantly fell in love with j-dramas and of course, takuya! i then looked for all this series and watched every thing i could find. from there, friends introduced me to kanjani8 and news. i started listening to their songs and watched their series and tv shows. i guess it just escalated from there.

next one i am truly thankful for is lj! i cant say that i have successfully created a blog before but i figured being in lj would mean having more people i can talk or discuss more about NEWS and kanjani8. i was just surprised to see how big a following all these groups have. this is when i slowly met so many groups of people as well as individuals (virtually at least) supporting groups and personalities i like ~ especially yamapi! =) i feel that is the perfect opportunity to thank each and everyone of you. as i always say in my posts, i really appreciate all the hardwork and effort you all patiently go through just so you could share information and files to people like me. thank you so much!!!

as i begin this adventure of developing my lj, i hope that i would be able to give back your generosity and hardwork in one way or the other.